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The small town Kapuvár is located in West Hungarian not far from the borderline of Austria and from the Lake Fertő.You can take a walk in the urban park, visit the museum of the town, where you can be informed about the animal world and flora of the Hanság.Kapuvár is a pardise for cycler too.

A kapuvári termál- és gyógyfürdő

Flóra Thermal bath of Kapuvár

25 minutes walk from the guesthouse you can find the thermal bath, which is famous in abroad, too. It has got qualified water…

Kirándulások a környéken

Excursions in the district

In Fertő-Hanság National Park you can admire amazing bird species and beasts. Int he Széchenyi Castle in Nagycenk you find a museum and a french garden with numerous rare tree species of the world. Children can travel on a  dinkey line and a visit a collection of old locomotives.

A közeli városok

Cities nearby

Sopron, Fertőd, Győr, Kőszeg, Vienna, Eisenstadt

Kirándulások Ausztriában

Excursions in Austria
The King of the Alpine: Schneeberg. It’s 2075 m high. The hilltop you can reach by take the Salamander cog-rail or a chairlift or you climb the tracks. From the cramponee on the top you can look at the dizzing depth. In the resting place of the cog-rail you can buy and eat a huge jam tart.

Ide el kell menni!

You must see that!

Skywalk  on the hilltop with sight to the dizzing depth.

Gyermekeknek Mesepark

A tale park for kids

After a 15 minutes long trip from the state border you arrive to this luna park. It’s the hugest luna park in Austria. 140 000 m2 and 4 different experience departments are waiting for you – from the Youngest to the Oldest!

Különleges ajánlatunk

Trips of high priority

Only 1 hour (50 km) from the state border you find the Hill Hochswab. You can take a walk in the village of Hochswab, travel to the 1500-1600 m high plateau above the townlet by car or a chairlift. From this point you can continue your journey even higher to the top (1810m) with another chairlift. Here you find a ski centre of Steiermarkt.