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Fertő-Hanság National Park

In Fertő-Hanság National Park you can admire amazing bird species and beasts. In the Széchenyi Castle in Nagycenk you find a museum and a French garden with numerous rare tree species of the world. Children can travel on a dinky line and a visit a collection of old locomotives.


Rábaköz is a charakteristic landscape of Kisalföld. It is borderd southward and in the east by the River Rába, in the west the River Répce. The ground had been formed by the detrital cone oft he rivers. This river deposit rounds the moorland of Hanság.

Castle Széchenyi in Nagycenk

The manor and the village was the possession oft he Family Széchenyi till 1945. The castle and the French garden had been developed in 1750. Since 1973 there is an exhibition in the castle about the Family Szécheniy and the proceeding of István Széchenyi. In the garden throve lots of rare tree species of the world. Nice sights of the settlement are the collection of old locomotives and the dinky line.

In the Hills of Kőszeg at the Spring Hétforrás

The largest part of the mountain range of Kőszeg belongs nowadays (since the Treaty of Trianon) to Austria. The smaller part you can visit in Kőszeg. This area is abounding in sightseings of the natural and cultural history.

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