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In Sopron you can see monuments of different ages and taste famous wines.


The Castle Eszterházy had been built analogically to the Castle Schönbrunn (Wien). It’s garden had been formed due to the garden of Castle Versaille (Paris). In the rooms of the castle you can make a visit with guide.


A town with three rivers ,with uncountable shopping and entertainment amusement fascilities.


The most famous historical event of the town was the Turlish invasion in 1532. In the castle there is an exhibition. Among the cosy streets you kan take a walk and taste famous wines.


Castle Schönbrunn and the „Burg” were the home of the Habsburg’. In Prater you can take a walk and have fun in the luna park of Vienna wich has got about 250 attractions.


The provincial capital of Burgenland provides huge experience by guided tours in the Castle Eszterházy and the House of Haydn, by symphonic concerts and by the tasteful weins of Austria.

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